Living Matrix

Do you find that you just aren’t feeling like yourself lately? Maybe you aren’t sleeping well, a bit sluggish, experiencing foggy thinking, or just have a general sense of, “something isn’t quite right.” If you are, you’re not alone.

Many of us struggle with these symptoms and wish we could find their underlying causes. We want to feel more like ourselves. While weight gain, mood swings, cognitive brain issues, and fatigue are symptoms that often send us to the doctor’s office, the hard truth is that many of these symptoms are nebulous. It can take a team of doctors years or even decades to agree upon a clear diagnosis.

If you were able to get a clear picture of the root causes of your symptoms, would you do it? That is where LivingMatrix™ comes in.

LivingMatrix™ is a powerful online tool that enables you to easily document the unfolding phenomena that lead to your current complaint(s). It allows us to ‘map’ your individual journey and identify processes that have often developed over many years, perhaps even a lifetime. LivingMatrix™ gives you and your physician the “Big Picture” allowing you to build a plan and get you back on the road to wellness.

Why should I build my LivingMatrix™ Report?

If you are suffering from a chronic illness like gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome – LivingMatrix™ is for you. If your goal is to maintain your health while striving for optimal wellness and greater vitality, LivingMatrix™ is for you. If you are struggling with health issues that you and your doctor are having a hard time figuring out, LivingMatrix™ is for you too!

Here at the Annapolis Center for Restorative Medicine, we help you get the most from your LivingMatrix™ while walking alongside you in your wellness journey and assisting you in managing aging on your terms. Through functional nutrition, approached holistically and applied personalized to your unique needs, we support the body’s normal healthy function.

What is Functional Nutrition?

At its core, Functional Nutrition is based on the idea that food is both fuel for our bodies and medicine that helps us heal ills and maintain health. Eating healthy is essential for both preventing illnesses and for recovering from a disease. Functional nutrition is based on scientific evidence. It is also known to support and complement traditional medical approaches to treating disease and assisting in the body’s own healing processes.

Illness and disease do not appear overnight. They develop over time. Yet our health care system is not set up to both recognize and accommodate this fact. The system pools together a pattern of symptoms, puts a name on it, and calls it a disease. From there a one-size-fits-all protocol is applied to most people with that disease.

Visit the doctor with breathing problems and you might likely get a diagnosis of asthma. Then it’s a prescription for an inhaler to help you breathe better, maybe a plan for avoiding certain triggers. At what point was the question, “How did I get asthma?” get answered? Beyond that, is there a plan made to help reduce your symptoms and eventually your medication? Not very often.

We call this the pill for an ill approach. It is the equivalent of focusing on and treating the exhaust pipe when your car begins spewing black smoke. Of course, we want to feel better and need our symptoms addressed. The bigger picture is being missed here. What was the accumulation of the small events that occurred leading up to this? It is in those details that we glean an understanding of where the disease has come from. This is where LivingMatrix™ comes in to help your wellness team at Annapolis Center for Restorative Medicine map your health and build a plan to optimize your health and age management.

Get Your LivingMatrix Free Health Score

Completing your LivngMatrix Free Health Score questionnaire should take between 15 and 20 minutes. Once completed, your information will be securely and confidentially set to Dr. Eichelberger and her wellness team. It will be assessed and you will be contacted with the results.