Q: Will I be seen by Dr. Eichelberger?

A: Yes. You may also – depending on your individual needs – be seen by our RN, Life Coach, Nutritionist or other care providers that will make up your personal wellness team.


Q: Will Dr. Eichelberger be my primary care doctor?

A: No. In fact, we at ACRM require that you maintain regular communications with your current primary care doctor.


Q: Are your programs covered by my insurance?

A: While we do not process insurance as payment, upon request we will provide one Super Bill that you may then submit to your insurance. Our office is not equipped to respond to insurance claims or processing.


Q: Will this program interfere with my current medication(s)?

A:  Since Dr. Eichelberger has practiced traditional internal medicine for over 24 years, she has a wealth of information on standard medications and knowledge on how the program would work with those treatments.


Q: Do you have any discount offers?

A: From time-to-time, we may offer small promotional incentives. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook as these are the best ways to be sure you don’t miss news from our center.


Q: What if I have a serious medical condition. Can I still take part in your program?

A: During your free consultation, Dr. Eichelberger will provide guidance on whether you will benefit from our wellness programs.  


Q:  May I see Dr. Eichelberger without being part of the wellness programs?

A:  Yes, you may set up individual office visits with Dr. Eichelberger but discounted rates are available only if you are part of a wellness program. Email communications with Dr. Eichelberger are only included in the wellness programs.


Q:  How do the wellness programs work?

A:  After your Initial Health Assessment, Dr. Eichelberger will review your customized health recommendations and discuss the two basic wellness programs with you.  If you agree to join one of these programs, you will have one individualized monthly fee that will include the Professional Fees and any specific supplements or customized bioidentical hormone treatments recommended.  In order to make life more simple, one monthly fee will include all of these items combined.  Dr. Eichelberger is hopeful to develop a true partnership with each patient to optimize his or her health.  


Q: I’ve seen a number of the supplements you recommend at my local store. Why can’t I use those?

A: We pride ourselves on providing high-quality care and this extends to the supplementation we recommend. ACRM works with pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals specifically because of the consistent quality and superior performance their products provide. In order to get optimal results on our programs, we provide recommended products as part of the monthly fee.


Q:  What are the benefits of a wellness program?

A:  Results from the health recommendations take several weeks to months to fully experience.  The wellness programs allow patients to have continued follow-up with Dr. Eichelberger as up to four follow-up office visits and one annual evaluation over a 12 month period are included and built into the monthly fee.  Dividing up the cost of the programs on a monthly basis also provides financial flexibility for patients.  Only patients participating in the wellness programs have email access to Dr. Eichelberger and discounts on extra physician visits and nutritional and lifestyle sessions.