We are the Annapolis Center for Restorative Medicine

Where Traditional Medicine and Holistic Wellness Meet

What is Restorative Medicine?

Where conventional medicine seeks primarily to treat specific medical symptoms and conditions, Restorative Medicine focuses on a comprehensive analysis of whole body health in an effort to diagnose the root cause and ultimately restore and optimize wellness.

In investigating the cause of illness, Restorative Medicine captures a complete picture of one’s total health. By understanding factors such as genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, environmental contributors, and lifestyle choices, a Restorative Medicine physician can truly address the entirety of a patient’s health. This growing approach to healthcare provides tailored treatment options that embrace non-pharmaceutical avenues, which may include a combination of nutritional programs, toxin elimination, bioidentical hormone balancing, lifestyle guidance, and stress management.

The Annapolis Center for Restorative Medicine combines decades of traditional medicine practice with this evolution of knowledge in science-based integrative care. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, individualized approach to both prevention and treatment of diseases, especially chronic diseases which are not easily improved with the conventional medicine or “acute care” approach.  We are dedicated to providing a path that restores health, wellness, and balance to every patient.